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Landon Video .mov

Landon Simmons, Tillamook High School

Position Sought: All

My name is Landon Simmons, and I am currently a junior at Tillamook High School. I am part of the football team, baseball team, and FNRL team. I have done five natural resources classes. My favorite FNRL event is hot saw because I have had experience with that outside FNRL and it is fun running a chainsaw. I am the vice president of the FNRL team in Tillamook High School. I am running for state officer because I want to spread the word on how fun FNRL is.

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Kallie Interview.mp4

Kallie Maas, Sweet Home High School

Position Sought: All

My name is Kallie Maas. I was born in Lebanon Oregon. I currently live and attend school in Sweet Home, Oregon. I play soccer and do track. I grew up in the outdoors doing stuff like hunting, fishing, and hiking. I am currently a sophomore at Sweet Home High School (SHHS). This past year I discovered the forestry program at my school. I joined the forestry team in the spring 2022 season. The team was very welcoming. When I joined the team I fell in love with the forestry industry. After high school I plan on going into the forestry industry. Specifically I plan on becoming a wild-land firefighter. Since I joined the forestry team, I would consider giving up both of my sports for forestry. I didn't grow up around the forestry industry, but when I started taking forestry classes I became extremely interested in it.

Emily Dong.mp4

Emily Dong, Sabin Schellenburg Center

Position Sought: All

People have described me as a nice, sweet, and loving girl. I love to take care of animals and like working with kids of any age. I like coming up with new ideas to help other people grasp a subject easier, I like to work hard to get things done to my best ability and never try to lowball it. I have volunteered at countless church opportunities that involve serving at a wedding and helping set up for events. I am a part of key club, green club, garden club, and forestry club at my school and like to volunteer at many events that I can. I am always up to learning anything new that I don’t know or expanding my knowledge on a subject. Forestry is so important to me because I believe that there are natural ways to get the earth back to being healthy again and a part of why some of those options are not available is because of the false information that is being spread around and just people not knowing the subject deeply.

Dominic video.mov

Dominic Freeman, Sweet Home High School

Position Sought: Secretary, Sentinel

My name is Dominic Freeman I´m a freshman in high school here in Sweet Home. And I love forestry not just outside but learning inside don´t get me wrong. I love to do crosscut hose relay, throw axes, choker setting, and power bucking. But when I'm in the class I tend to strive like in the tool and plant I.D. So I think that having me as a leader can help because not only do I like to learn I love to teach. So I could share the love for forestry thru-out Oregon and the US because the people need it so much.

Aaron Savage.mp4

Aaron Savage, Sabin Schellenburg Center

Position Sought: All

I am native American Oregon born and have grown up loving the outdoors and being taught to be outside and be ok with it. My dad is a firefighter and was also in our FNRL chapter. He was always an outdoor guy, he taught me how to be outside and to love the outdoors, especially the ocean. My mom is an English teacher, she wasn't an outdoors kinda person. She taught me how to write, and how to write well. I have a way with words, I can write poetry and speeches like it's a second language. I was raised by the outdoors and inside raised to get scraped up and not care but also clean up nice and go to fancy dinners and be able to have the best of both worlds. To be honest I never saw myself as a leader but one day I was thrown into that position and I thrived. I was able to keep the group of boys alive while playing with fire. I was a natural at it and one day I talked to my adviser and she started helping me grow as a leader. I've been growing and trying new things and becoming better. I'm looking forward to hearing back from you and looking forward to working with the FNRL and growing the FNRL as well as myself and our chapter.

Easton Geraths.mov

Easton Geraths, Scio High School

Position Sought: Sentinel

My name is Easton Geraths and I go to Scio High School. I have lived in Scio since 6th grade and I have been actively participating in the Scio High School forestry program since my freshman year. Forestry and Natural Resources have always been an interest to me and I have always enjoyed competing in the events related to Forestry. During forestry class, I have been enjoying learning new arborist skills and providing help within our community to provide these types of services. I enjoy spending time outdoors and actively enjoy our states' abundant natural resources. I look forward to the possibilities this program has to offer in the future.


Kadence Soto, Scio High School

Position Sought: Secretary, Sentinel

I am currently attending Scio High school as a sophomore . I’m currently an AVID student who is learning how to become a good collaborator, an expert in critical thinking and organization skills. AVID also helps me with preparing for college and basic skills needed for adulthood. I am also in Spanish, and I'm going to continue to take it throughout high school. By being a student athlete I have time management skills, therefore I can juggle multiple things at once. I'm a tri-sport athlete and love working with a team. I also love being outdoors, fishing, camping and learning about plant species.


Joslynn Winters, Scio High School

Position Sought: President, Vice President, Secretary, Social Media

This is my second year taking forestry and in the beginning I kind of got dragged into it. I have always been in woodshop and had an idea what wood I was using for my projects. After going to my first job with the forestry class, I decided I actually would like to be a part of what's going on so I asked my teacher If I could run a chainsaw and within the first few days I was trimming fallen logs and cutting firewood. Now I can say I have fallen multiple trees, compete in all of the forestry events we attend and I work my butt off every time. This forestry class has changed my whole perspective on life and might have even helped my find a new career patch that suits me better than what I have always thought Id be doing.